Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Straight Sleek Hairstyles 2011

, straight hair. Models often pose in Fashion magazines and strut on runways, showing off SLEEK BEAUTIFUL straight hairstyles. Any woman can recreate this look. Even women with extremely curly hair can achieve a sleek, straight hairstyle with the right choosing of hair products and tools. In a few simple steps, you can style your hair and achieve a sleek and straight model hairstyle. If your hair is naturally straight, you can still follow this technique to fight frizz and humidity.


Things You'll Need:

Thermal heat protectant spray (Moonshine gloss)
Rat tail Fine-toothed comb
Flat Iron Hair straightener
Argania tree hair oil

Smoothing cream serum

. 1
Wash and condition hair as normal. Clean hair works best to achieve the sleek, straight hairstyle, so wash immediately before.

. 2
Apply sleek anti-frizz cream with a few drops of Argania tree oil and comb before you start to Blow-dry, aiming the dryer downwards to prevent frizz and keep hair as smooth as possible.

. 3
Heat the Flat iron or straighter.

. 4
Brush hair through. Using a clip, secure the top half of your hair onto the top of your head.

. 5
Place the comb at the top of a one-inch section of hair from the loose hair.

. 6
Place the paddles of the flat iron around the hair just above the comb.

. 7
Start moving the comb slowly down the hair shaft, following closely behind with the iron.

. 8
Continue until you reach the ends of hair; the comb and flat iron.

. 9
Repeat this process over the same section of hair one or two more times, depending on your hair's thickness. You should notice your hair becoming smoother and flatter each time you run the flat iron down. Wait a few seconds between each time, to ensure your hair does not burn.

. 10
Straighten the rest of your hair. Do the rest of the bottom section first, then the top section in this manner, working in small one-inch sections to ensure the smooth and, sleek hairstyle.

. 11
Squeeze a Dime size amount of Argania tree hair oil or Moon shine gloss into your hands and rub between your palms.

. 12
Rub your hands gently over the top of your hair, starting at the ends and working your way up to the roots. Argania tree hair oil serum helps fight frizz and flyaway hair leaving you with a sleek, straight style.

. 13 Spray Moonshine GLOSS on hair holding the bottle 8 to 10 inches away from hair for that extra shine and smooth look.

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