Thursday, October 6, 2011

Festival Hair 2011

Summer is not normally the friend of our tresses but the current hair trend sees an unlikely alliance. Sun scorched days and humid nights have the unwelcome habit of turning well groomed hair into an unmanageable mess, but with care-free hippy locks dominating the catwalk you can ditch the straighteners in favour of messy buns and laid back waves for a tactile and laid back look. The 70's trend favours plaits, knots and back combed hair piled as high as you can get it and with festival season round the corner this look is perfect for spending more time queueing for Pimms and less time queueing for the showers. Back combing and plaiting works best on unwashed hair so pack your kirbi grips and leave the shampoo at home for some life saving on trend look.

Sass&Brides braided top knot.
Tip your hair upside down and braid from the bottom up, pile on top of your head and mess up the bun by pulling at the plait and back combing for more movement.
Once you've mastered that try creating two braids by separating the hair down the middle and combining into one larger plait toward the end.
For those with fringes create a smaller, looser braid from the front once the top knot is done and pin underneath for an all over plaited effect.

Micheal Kors double knot
Gather your hair in two anywhere on your head and twist the sections lightly to separate, knot them and knot again fixing tightly with a hair band. This look works on both sleek straight hair, with the help of hairspray, and wavy messy locks for a natural hold.
For unruly fringes and frizzy baby hair sleek back with hair serum, pin up a messy quiff or play with headscarves for a 70's chic look.

Marc Jacobs embellishment
When your hair becomes too much and the nearest tap too far, put several plaits in your hair before bed to create a crimped look when you wake up and add embellishment through flowers, feathers and beads. Ones that cover the forehead are perfect for keeping your hair in place all day, out of your face for sun worshipping and passing bed hair off as a hedonistic nod to 70's festival goers. Just remember to take the plaits out before you hit the dance tent.

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