Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rihanna's 90s High Top Hair

Seen here hanging out with 'is he/isn't he' boytoy Matt Kemp, 25, of Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball fame, Rihanna's hair is on fire. I always knew once she'd lopped off those long locks that it was only a matter of time before Rihanna went blonde, but I was dubious about her original venture into the platinum territory which ended up looking a little too carrot for my liking...(below).

I've had enough accidentally orange highlights to know that orange suits no-one, don't let any hair stylist try and convince you otherwise!

You certainly can't call Rihanna boring - she's been a whirl of designer get-ups and runway looks throughout the winter season , sometimes getting it right, sometimes getting it wrong. And that's fine in my opinion, that's part of the fun, and risk, of fashion. Much better to try and fail, than play it safe, and more often than not, look dull with a capital D. Saying that though, I was growing tired of Rihanna's hair-do and I'm happy to see her hair transition away from an overdone 80s look, toward this, a much more original, 90s curly high top. The tight spiral curls add the SEXY SEXY, bringing some modernity to the 90s' most popular hairstyle (below)...

I'm not sure who else could pull off this look in real life, as opposed to a shoot or video, but RiRi wears a traditionally male hairstyle, with great aplomb and confidence. In fact, if I had the kahunas (I don't) and wasn't such a pageant girl at heart (pageant girls need hair like Barbie needs tan), I'd lop all my hair off in a copycat gesture of love.

Go RiRi!

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