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Top Celebrity Hairstyles

 best celebrity hairstyles Adriana Lima Alessandra Ambrosio Gisele Bundchen wearing rollers
 best celebrity hairstyles Alessandra Ambrosio getting her hair fixed
Although I don’t want to discriminate in favor of any color or style, we’ll talk about blondes first. It’s just a way to get started. The saying that gentlemen prefer blondes is not always true. Two different proposals for those of you who prefer long hair. Scarlett Johansson’sg long straight hairstyle tied up with a bobby pin. I like it. Besides, if you are wearing expensive earrings you can show them off.
 best celebrity hairstyles Scarlett Johansson long straight hairstyle
The following proposal is a long wavy hairstyle. As you can see Heidi Klum usually prefers to wear long wavy hair flowing in the wind. Sometimes she also wears updos or prom hairstyles though. I prefer the first one. This hairstyle makes her look like a bad girl and men love that.

Let’s go on with short hairstyles. Kate Moss always wears a natural hairstyle. This hairstyle gives Kate a bit of a bohemian look. It’s a good choice for strong and slightly wavy hair.

Our next guest is the controversial American actress and model Sienna Miller. Sienna has tried almost all hairstyles from fringe bangs to updos. She wears her blond hair always impeccable. Sometimes she seems to prefer short curly bobs.

Jessica Simpson changes her hairstyle quite often. Jessica usually prefers to wear short hair and show off some accessories. As she’s a real bombshell, all hairstyles suit her perfectly.
celebrity hairstyles Jessica Simpson short blonde bob
Our next hairstyle is worn by an increasing number of women since it’s quite a comfortable one. It’s the favorite hairstyle of Victoria Beckham and Sharon Stone. Let’s talk about Victoria. As a trendy and fashionable woman, “Posh” has worn all kind of hairstyles from hair extensions to short hairstyles. Victoria usually wears a short bob with long bangs over her face and high layers at the rear achieved combing the locks straight back and softening them with her fingers. My personal opinion: I don’t like it very much.

best celebrity hairstyles Sharon Stone Victoria Beckham short hairstyles
Now it’s turn for Jessica Biel. She wears all kind of hairstyles and haircuts and, I don’t know why, but all of them suit her perfectly. She changes from blond to brunette, from short to long hair, from straight to curly and sometimes she also wears updos.
 best celebrity hairstyles Jessica Biel short curly bob
 best celebrity hairstyles Jessica Biel brunette long and short bob hairstyles
Katherine Heigl’s natural hair color is blonde with a some shades of brown. Katherine, intern Isobel "Izzie" Stevens from “Grey’s Anatomy”, looks always radiant wearing blond curly long hair or updos. Sometimes she likes to knock us out and goes brunette.
best celebrity hairstyles Katherine Heigl curly and straight long hairstyles
 best celebrity hairstyles Katherine Heigl brunette short hairstyle
We had enough of blondes, hadn’t we? Now it’s turn for brunettes. Catherine Z. Jones usually shows off her long dark hair flowing in the wind. Catherine follows a special hair treatment based on caviar which makes her hair look always shining and beautiful.

Two more examples of long dark hairstyles: Brazilian model Adriana Lima and Spanish actress Penelope Cruz. Adriana Lima, the most beautiful women in the World, loves to wear her dark hair loose and shining. Penelope Cruz never takes trouble in selecting her hairstyle. She’s always worn long hairstyles and also loves to wear her hair flowing in the wind.

Controversial American model Naomi Campbell usually prefers long hair, slightly below the shoulder line, and fringe bangs over her forehead. Below Naomi you can see Rihanna. Rihanna is crazy about fringe bangs hairstyles and usually wears a bob about shoulder length. Occasionally she also wears long hairstyles.

 best celebrity hairstyles Rihanna fringe bangs

Brunettes also wear long curly hair. Singer Alicia Keys usually wears neat curls although sometimes she also chooses updos. Alicia loves to show off her exuberant curly hair but sometimes she prefers to gather it into a ponytail or wear a long straight hairstyle.

Some brunettes also prefer short hairstyles. Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise’s wife, prefers short hair and it must be said that it suits her baby face quite well. American actress Selma Blair also decided to have her long hair cut and looks very pretty in her short hairstyle.
best celebrity hairstyles Katie Holmes Selma Blair short hairstyles
Last but not least we’ll talk about dark brown and mahogany hair. In my opinion some of the most stunning women in the world fall in this category. Some of them, like Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, prefer to wear long hair. Alessandra Ambrosio, one of my favourite models, sports a long hairstyle combed in the middle enhancing hair volumen by curling the ends a bit.

Here we can see Jennifer Lopez sporting her wavy short hairstyle flowing in the wind. Gorgeous.
 best celebrity hairstyles Jennifer Lopez brown short wavy hairstyle
American actress Angelina Jolie normally prefers to wear long wavy hairstyles in different tones (sometimes even dark ones). In addition, Angelina usually loves to wear her wavy hair flowing in the wind.

Jennifer Anniston also wears shoulder-long bobs. Jennifer has thin hair and never curls it. Her golden tones are more visible wearing straight hair combed in the middle.

American singer Beyonce Knowles alternates long straight hair with curly hair.
best celebrity hairstyles Beyonce long straight hairstyle

To conclude this post I have chosen two stunning Evas: Eva Mendes and Eva Longoria two of the sexiest women alive. Eva Longoria from “Desperate housewives" usually wears bob hairstyles although occasionally she also chooses long ones. Sometimes she wears a bob haircut over the shoulder line and combs her hair to one side.
best celebrity hairstyles Eva Longoria short and long hairstyles
Eva Mendes (“Ghost Rider”), one of the hottest latinas in the World, usually sports long hairstyles but sometimes, to outline her face, gathers her hair into an updo with side fringes. Eva sometimes gets her hair cut and curls the ends a bit. Whatever her hairstyle, she’s gorgeous and one of my favorite actresses.

As you have seen in this post, there are loads of possibilities to choose amongst depending on the shape of face, hair color and texture. The next time you go to the hairdressers get this catalogue and tell the hairdresser the celebrity whose haircut you would love to wear. Best regards.

Jessica Alba Hairstyle

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Ashley Greene Hairstyle

Girly braids exude a kind of grown-up sexy appeal when you combine them with sensual, voluminous waves like Ashley Greene.

Get her look: Make a side part and braid a small section of hair along the hair line and secure it with a clear elastic or bobby pin. For long-lasting curls, first spritz sections with hairspray, then wrap hair around a large-barrel curling iron.

A half-up keeps things cool and girly in summer! We love Ashley Greene's extra-romantic half-up that is pretty enough to wear to a wedding party or a big date.

Get her look: Blow-dry hair using a large round brush, wrapping sections around the brush and blast with hot air to create soft waves. Pull hair at the sides back into a half-up and secure with bobby pins or a pretty clip.

When you've got statement earrings and/or gorgeous makeup like Ashley Greene's, an understated pulled-back style lets you show them off. For a timeless look, try the "Twilight" star's low textured chignon.

Get her look: Add texture by curling hair using a large curling iron. Pull hair back, twist into a low bun and secure with bobby pins. Spray hairspray all over for extra hold.

An elegant half-up gets a dose of glamor and feminine appeal with soft waves. Try Ashley Greene's romantic 'do, which has extra height at the crown and visually elongates a round or square-shaped face.

Get her look: Curl hair using a curling iron and tease the crown to create the volume. Pull hair from the front and sides back, letting bangs fall out, twist and secure with bobby pins. With the palm of your hand, push the hair up from the back to add height at the crown. Style bangs to one side, and finish with hairspray all over.

Looking for a hairstyle that portrays effortless elegance? Try a sleek chin-length bob. Ashley Greene wears hers with a long side-swept fringe, which flatters all face shapes.

Get her look: Spritz styling water onto damp hair and blow-dry with a flat brush, rolling under at the ends to achieve the roundness in this 'do. Create a zigzag side part, and push hair behind one ear.

Camilla Belle Wallpapers wallpapers


Date of Birth: October 2, 1986

Birth name: Camilla Belle Routh

Born in California to a Brazilian mother and American father, Camilla Belle speaks several languages fluently, including Spanish and Portuguese. She made her professional debut in a print ad at the age of nine months. Commercials soon followed and by the time she was five, she'd landed her first TV movie role in Troubleshooters: Trapped Beneath the Earth, starring Kris Kristofferson. More telefilms followed, including playing Molly, the littlest orphan in Annie: A Royal Adventure (1995), before making her feature film debut as Jane in Alfonso Cuaron's adaptation of the classic novel, A Little Princess (1995).

Following a turn as Steven Seagal's daughter in The Patriot (1998), Camilla earned a 1999 Youth in Film Young Artist Award nomination for her portrayal of Sandra Bullock's character as a girl in practical magic (1998), as well as another nomination the same year for her guest appearance on the TV series Walker, Texas Ranger. She received her third and fourth YAA nominations respectively for the telefilm Replacing Dad (1999), and for her role in the Disney Channel's TV movie Rip Girls (2000).

In Showtime Network's Back to the Secret Garden (2001), the sequel to the classic family film, Camilla had the opportunity to work with Joan Plowright. After a break from working to concentrate on school, Camilla returned to film with a lead role as Daniel Day-Lewis' daughter in The Ballad of Jack and Rose (2005). For her work in the film, she was nominated for a Breakthrough Award at the Gotham Awards.

In between film projects, Camilla is an aspiring classical pianist. She is also an international spokesperson for Kids With A Cause, created to provide a helping hand to children suffering from poverty, hunger, lack of education, neglect, or abuse.

Filmography: Push (2009)
10,000 B.C. (2007)
The Quiet (2006)
When a Stranger Calls (2006)
The Chumscrubber (2005)
The Ballad of Jack and Rose (2005)
The Invisible Circus (2001)
Secret of the Andes (1999)
practical magic (1998)
The Patriot (1998)
The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)
Poison Ivy II (1996)
A Little Princess (1995)