Tuesday, October 4, 2011

All about Hair styles 2011

A number of Professional females to Hollywood stars from past times to present prefer simple classic looks. With a few changes when they wear their hair down. Long hair that is simply cut INTO layers is a timeless look that is easy to make modern and edgy with the angles of a great haircut the layers give volume to texture and shape. Highlights on long layered hair give the hair depth and movement, volume, and complexity that are also modern and interact well with light and cameras. Today’s stars wear the long layered hairstyles for movement and soft texture. With short or med. length bangs. Straight hair is a thing of the past for now woman today looks for extra body and texture in their long locks voluminous waves. Women's Up-do’s
The woman of today professionals to actresses wear their hair up and down for a variety of hair styles for various occasions. Tight hair buns are popular with Hollywood professionals actresses who wear their hair up. Hair on top of the head is pulled back into the polished bun or teased soft and rough. Although fashioned into a side part is often pulled at an angle to the side of the head, then back, rather than straight back. This type of Hollywood bun creates a tough girl look with the traditional elegance of beauty in long hair. Younger Hollywood Professionals pullout pieces and strands from their buns for a more spontaneous, unkempt look.

Stylist Martin Rodriguez

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