Friday, October 7, 2011

12 female star's ice- sexy white hair styling

film and television, in order to perform the special dress requirements, or to endorse the brand advertising, they will appear in our eyes with visual effects white hair, absolutely amazing and stimulating!
Ming Jun girl sexy make-up photo

Jolin white long hair style
He Lin Photo
Li Bingbing's white hair in "The Forbidden Kingdom"
Fala Chen white hair styling

13-year-old supermodel Kim Yun-Hye white hair styling
Zhao Wei in "Painted Skin"
Ayumi Hamasaki, "Asia's book" Portrait
Gao Yuanyuan charming Dior new look
Chiaki Kuriyama fairy doll Photo
Fan Bingbing sexy white hair game photo
Kim Min Hee White Hair styling

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