Thursday, October 6, 2011

Best Celebrity Hairstyles

Everyone loves looking at the stars' styles. There are even people who secretly love to follow the fashion and trends that the celebrities follow. While there are many beautiful celebrities, not all of them have the great sense of style that many of them have come to be known for. Here are a few of the best celebrity hairstyles.

Christina Ricci
This still successful child star has one of the best senses of style in Hollywood. She always looks fabulous, from her hair down to her toes. One of her nicest hairstyles is one where she has medium length hair. Her bangs are cut to just above her eyebrows in a straight fringe. There are a few layers in the rest of her hair, and from the eyes down her hair is waved. This flattering style would look good on nearly any woman and is an excellent choice for day or night.

Beyonce Knowles
Probably one of the most successful women in Hollywood, Beyonce truly has a lot of style. Her hairstyles are always glamorous and she never seems to have an “off” day in her style. One great look she has had is where her medium length hair is done in waves. It's a simple look to recreate and is one that will look fantastic on every woman. For this look, hair is washed and dried, then parted in the middle. From the roots down, the hair is curled with either a curling iron or hot rollers, then fingers are used to loosen the curls into sexy waves. Even the bangs are parted and curled!

Heather Graham
The beautiful Heather has hair that many women would die for. She always looks great. One gorgeous style that Heather has had is where her hair was cut into feathery layers. Her hair was parted in the center, with the bangs parted and framing either side of her face. The layers fell naturally over her shoulders and back, and she added a slight curl to her layers which gave a flattering look that would be great for anyone.

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